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Sharok'S BIO

A popular and much sought-after singer on the east coast of the United States, where he now makes his home, Sharok was trained in Iran and the United States, in both classical Persian and Western singing techniques. Versatile in his range, from the heaviest avaz chanting of ancient Sufi songs, to love ballads of the 1950s and ‘60s in Iran, to contemporary, computer-rocking renditions of new Persian poetry, Sharok stretches the boundaries of technique and content. 


In his live performances and his recordings, Sharok accompanies himself on two Persian classical instruments, the tar and santour, and has composed many of his own melodies and lyrics. Firmly grounded in the traditions, he seeks to bring the classics to new audiences and to forge new paths for Persian music. With his extensive stage activity (more than 40 events a year), he constantly expands his repertoire and arrangement style. Born into a Zoroastrian (the religion of Iran before Islam) family from Yazd in central Iran, Sharok draws from the deep roots of Iran’s history, culture and love of art. 


Musical Training


1993-2000: Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Brooklyn, NY. Studied Voice, Western Music Theory, Keyboard Harmony, Piano, and Guitar.  

1986-1993: With Dariush Dolatshahi (composer and tar master). Training in Persian Music Theory, Voice, and Tar.

1983 and 1985: Master Classes with Dariush Safvat. Santur and Voice. 

1978-1980: With Ike Ruffin. Western Music Theory and Piano. 

1966-1972: With Iraj Taheri and others. Voice and Santur. 



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